Sky Sports News

By far the most comprehensive and reliable network for sporting news and updates. I never believe Premier League transfer rumours until they appear here. Furthermore, I use the site as backup when I’m doing live text commentary on Northern Hemisphere rugby games and I need to make sure my information is correct.

A website that every South African sports fan needs to visit in order to stay up to date with fixtures and results. It also has highlights to just about every sporting event you would want to watch.

André Agassi – Open

The best sporting book I have ever read. Once the best tennis player in the world, Agassi is brutally honest about his difficult relationships with the sport and with his father. From failed marriages to drug abuse, this book has it all. This coming week, I will do an in-depth review on it.

Mirror Football – Facebook

I probably spend more time on here than any other sporting social media page. They often post clickbait, but they’re on the ball. Usually, if something hilarious happens anywhere in the football world, it’ll be on this page within 24 hours.

Planet Rugby

A remarkably comprehensive site for rugby news, fixtures and results around the world. I am privileged to be an occasional contributor.