The last time we won the league, I wrote a status on here about how it was another example of us proving everyone wrong, as we always do.

Before this season began, I had lost faith in many of our players. I still held a grudge against them for getting José Mourinho, my childhood favourite, fired. I knew we had a fantastic manager in Antonio Conte (although at the time, I would have preferred Diego Simeone). However, a title challenge seemed too much to ask with fantastic-looking sides like United and City out there.

I predicted that we would finish fourth this season – and I thought I was being optimistic. After the losses to Liverpool and Arsenal, we became everyone’s favourite joke. I began to fear for our future.

But as Chelsea Football Club do, they proved everyone wrong yet again – even me, this time.

We should feel gratitude to Conte and the players for this season, but not satisfaction. We’re not Arsenal or Liverpool.

As Conte said, winning at Chelsea is not a hope, but an expectation.

Now that we’re back in Europe, it’s time not only to defend our league title, but also to conquer the world.