1. Forever blowing bubbles (parody)

“I’m forever blowing bubbles,


Pretty bubbles in the air,


They fly so high,


They reach the sky,


And like West Ham they fade and die.


Tottenham always running,


Arsenal running too,


We’re the Chelsea boot-boys,


And we’re running after you!”

Who doesn’t love a song poking fun at West Ham’s lack of success, especially after all the years they spent obsessing over Frank Lampard? The only reason I haven’t put this higher up the list is because we Chelsea fans have bigger fish to fry than them.

  1. That’s why we love Salomon Kalou

“He comes from the Ivory Coast, Kalou, Kalou,


He don’t do coke like Adrian Mutu, Mutu,


He crossed the ball from the left,


It landed right on Riise’s head,


That’s why we love Salomon Kalou,


La la la la la la la la, la la, la la…”


Old, but gold. This song not only pokes fun at Liverpool and the own goal that gave us our first ever Champions League final, but also uses some self-depreciating humour to mock Adrian Mutu – one of the worst signings in Chelsea history. Mutu’s contract was terminated after he tested positive for cocaine and the Stamford Bridge faithful never forgets.



  1. “Robben’s good, Robben’s good

Running down the wing


Robben’s good, Robben’s good


Hear the Chelsea sing


He ain’t got no hair


We don’t f*ckin’ care


Robben’s good, Robben’s good”

Another one for an old Chelsea hero – Dutch winger Arjen Robben. His Chelsea career sadly only lasted three years before he left for Real Madrid, but this chant remains one of my favourites.



  1. The Willian song

“The sh*t from Spurs, they bought his flight

But Willian – he saw the light

He got a call from Abramovich

And off he went to Stamford Bridge.

He hates Tottenham, he hates Tottenham

He hates Tottenham and he hates Tottenham”

There are few teams – if any – that Chelsea fans hate more than Tottenham. When we signed Brazilian winger Willian despite him having been on the verge of joining Spurs, our fans inevitably made a song about it.

  1. Fabregas is magic

“Oh, Fabregas is magic

He wears a magic hat

He could have signed for Arsenal,

But he said “No. F*ck that”

He passes with his left foot

He passes with his right

And when we win the league again we’ll sing this song all night”

This chant pips the Willian song for me simply because I despise Arsenal far more than Spurs. It mocks Arsene Wenger’s side for failing to re-sign their former player in 2014, thus allowing us to snap him up. Fabregas was a hero at Arsenal – even captaining the side – but he never won a Premier League title there. He has recently won his second at Chelsea, which gives us fans great delight.


Here is a video of Chelsea fans singing the chant.