In recent times, I haven’t been particularly active on my blog.

This is mostly because I have started freelancing for a company called Mobi-D, who produce football content for an African audience.

Many of my match previews and reports have been published on Kick Off’s website. This has been a highly rewarding experience, given that I quite read their magazine during my childhood.

Apart from my work for Mobi-D, I have also been working as a freelance commentator for TEAMtalk media since February and as a mentor for young sports writers at Grocott’s Mail Sport since the beginning of last year.

The consequence is that I rarely have “free time”, but what really is that anyway when your work is your passion?

Sometimes, I still pinch myself at the fact that I can actually get paid decent money just for watching sport and writing about it — something which I was already doing for free when I was at school.

I still spend every waking hour obsessing over ways in which I can improve my work, but for the first time, the stress over whether or not I can actually make a living out of sports journalism is gone.

I’ve dreamed of working in the sporting industry for most of my life. At last, my dream is coming true.